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What is Restorative Justice?

Restorative Justice is an approach to building community, self-care, and conflict resolution. It's a social justice platform that allows students to:

  • Actively engage and problem-solve physical, psychological, social and disciplinary issues that affect themselves and the community.
  • Take responsibility for their actions.
  • Work with those affected to restore and/or repair the members and community who were harmed as a result of those actions.

Listen to how restorative practices focus on relationships, responsibility, and accountability


Principles of Restorative Justice

We work together to foster the physical, social, psychological, and academic well-being of students, staff, and families through:

building community Building Community: Strengthen relationships and build community by encouraging a safe and caring school climate.

self-care Self-Care: Reduce, prevent, and improve harmful behaviors.

conflict resolution Conflict Resolution: Increase accountability through identifying problems and solutions and restoring positive relationships.

The MCPS Restorative Justice Unit will prepare and engage all stakeholders in restorative practices through meaningful trainings, school-level support, collegial collaboration, and supported community partnerships.

Learn more about our program in our Restorative Justice Brochure

new icon Spotlight on our Restorative Justice Parent Workshops

Hear how our interactive workshops provide families with an overview of restorative justice practices and how it is successfully used in schools.


Restorative Justice Menu of Services

Information and resources on the philosophy of Restorative Justice and the different levels of support provided to schools.

Icon - star blueRestorative Justice is currently being implemented in over 80 schools. Interested in bringing Restorative Justice to your school? We are ready to welcome you to the team. Just complete the Restorative Justice Application to begin!


Monthly Self-Care Calendars

Self-care is essential to your overall well-being. Our calendars provide easy self-care activities you can incorporate into your daily routine.

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Restorative Justice Team

Ms. Ruschelle Reuben – Director
Dr. Gregory Bell – Supervisor
Mr. Steven Marconi – Instructional Specialist

Mrs. Valerie Rey – Instructional Specialist
Mrs. Michelle Parks-Robinson – Fiscal Assistant
Mr. Jose Gonzalez – Administrative Secretary for Dr. Bell
Mr. Benjamin Mourad – Intern

Main Office Phone Numbers

240-740-3109 – Michelle Parks-Robinson
240-740-4014 – Jose Gonzalez

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