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Environmental Sustainability Updates


Maryland Green School Certification

Is your school Maryland Green School (MDGS) certified?  MCPS has a target of 50% of its schools to be certified as MDGS by 2024 and a long-term goal of 100% by 2035. As of 2023, ninety-six MCPS schools have voluntarily earned and maintained MDGS certification.  Click here for a list of those schools.

For more information about MDGS certification, click here.

Sustainability Action Plan-MCPS Form 201-10


Each year by September 30, schools are required to submit a Sustainability Action Plan.  Work with your school’s administrators or Sustainability Team Leader the plan for this year


Food Recovery in Schools  

The Division of Sustainability and Compliance (DSC) is implementing a food recovery program in all schools during the 2023-2024 school year. DSC staff is available to assist schools and provide all the necessary resources to start the program.  Click here to learn more about food recovery, recycling, and waste diversion.


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