Student Engagement


Student Engagement

Leadership, Service, and Extracurricular Activities

MCPS students can engage and access several different experiences through leadership, service and extracurricular activities. Students are encouraged to participate at the school level and visit this web site for additional learning experiences and information, which are often student led. New content and information will be updated throughout the course of the school year.

Engagement Opportunities


Student Leadership

There are several district-wide student leadership organizations and opportunities to serve as a student leader and share student voice.

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student service learning

Student Service Learning

Students are encouraged to continue earning student service learning hours towards their graduation requirement, even during distance learning. The MCPS SSL program has made some significant changes to allow students to earn SSL hours virtually if they:

  • Are serving a community need through a non-profit organization
  • Monitored by a supervisor of the non-profit agency or MCPS staff member
  • Sponsored by an MCPS teacher or staff member

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student service learning


Find extracurricular activities by school, including sponsor contact information and meeting times. Learn about the student-to-student extracurricular series, where students across MCPS have created extracurricular moments to share with their peers.

Find Activities by School

Extracurricular Activities

Montgomery County Public Schools regularly hosts a diverse and robust extracurricular activity (ECA) program. To ensure the safety for our students and staff, all extracurricular activity programs will be held virtually for the first semester of the 2020-2021 school year.

The following extracurricular activities will continue:
  • Academic support for students
  • Athletic activities as directed by the MCPS Systemwide Athletics Unit
  • Co-curricular activities
  • Clubs and organizations
  • Education and engagement opportunities
  • Youth programming for counseling, mentorship, and social emotional support

MCPS is excited to bring these virtual opportunities to our students. We remain committed to every student through these programs to help students:

  • Be creative
  • Build confidence
  • Stay connected with their peers and adult coaches, sponsors and mentors and
  • Develop their personal and professional skills in areas of their interest.

Non-Athletic Extracurricular Activities

Program Offerings

Schools will identify their program offerings to include the name of the clubs and organizations, the sponsor name and contact information as well as how to virtually access the extracurricular activity.

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Start Date

First semester non-athletic programs may begin September 28, 2020.

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First Semester Timeline

Date Action
Friday, September 18, 20200 School offerings will be posted on school and MCPS webpages.
Friday, September 18, 2020
  • Student registration window is open.
  • Students review the school offerings and complete the Student Registration form.
  • Schools can identify a registration closure date and accept rolling admission for individual extracurricular activities as needed.
Monday, September 28, 2020 First semester non-athletic programs may begin, however some extracurricular activity programs may begin soon thereafter.

MCPS Certificate of Student Engagement

MCPS wishes to recognize secondary students for commitment in participation in a wide range of MCPS Athletic and Extracurricular Activities. Students will be recognized for various levels of commitment, as outlined below, with the MCPS Certificate of Student Engagement.

  • Students are encouraged to participate in more than one activity to create positive relationships with their peers in interest alike activities and with adult professionals outside of the school day/core curricular courses.
  • Students can use this documentation to supplement their college and job applications.
  • Sponsors will verify student commitment with their organization(s) at the end of the season, semester, year as appropriate.

Bronze Certificate
of Student Engagement

Students successfully participate in 1-3 various athletic and/or extracurricular activities


Silver Certificate
of Student Engagement

Students successfully participate in 4-6 various athletic and/or extracurricular activities


Gold Certificate
of Student Engagement

Students successfully participate in 7+ various athletic and/or extracurricular activities


Extracurricular Activities at Your School

Elementary Schools











Special Schools

  • Longview School 
  • RICA - John L. Gildner Regional Institute for Children and Adolescents 
  • Rock Terrace School 
  • Carl Sandburg Learning Center 
  • Stephen Knolls School 

Student-to-Student Extracurricular Series

Students Share Skills With Peers

Students from across MCPS have created extracurricular moments to share with their student peers. This webpage will frequently be updated with student created lessons. Please check out some of the student content below that covers everything from leadership development, student advocacy, music and more!

If you have a personal or professional skill that you would like to share with your MCPS peers, you can submit your own! Students can earn 10 SSL hours for successful submission of all items identified in the Student-To-Student Extracurricular Series Form. You may see yours posted here!

Submit an Extracurricular Moment  
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Extracurricular Moments

Student Leadership and Advocacy

Email Writing

How to Build a Team

Virtual Lobbying

How to Testify

Student Academic and Personal Success

Tips for Success on Online School

Different Types of Online Classes

Banking Basics

Student Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities


Learning American Sign Language


How to Perform Allegro on the Violin


Basic Crochet Steps