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For Nonprofit Organizations

  • All service for which SSL hours are awarded must be performed with an MCPS SSL nonprofit tax exempt organization.
  • Adults (not relatives of students) representing the approved organization must supervise secular opportunities that address real community need in public places.
  • Must award 1 SSL hour for every hour of service in the community earned outside of the instructional school day. Maximum of 8 hours within a 24-hour period.
  • Must cover the 3 phases of SSL: Preparation, Action, and Reflection
  • Must verify student service and learning by reading student sections of MCPS Form 560-51, Student Service Learning Activity Verification before completing the Organization information (hours provided, activities, supervisor signature etc.).
  • Must not provide opportunities that involve door-to-door canvassing or telephone solicitation.
  • Must not provide financial compensation to students for their service.
  • Must not award SSL hours for involvement in opportunities that occur in private residences.*
  • Must not permit discrimination or harassment of any kind.

*Students may earn SSL hours for preparing meals in their homes for later delivery to community shelters sponsored by the Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless and Interfaith Works.

SSL Guidelines for Faith Organizations in the Community

For comprehensive information regarding the MCPS SSL Plan, please go to Montgomery County Volunteer Center or speak with the SSL coordinator in any middle or high school.