ELO/SAIL Extended Learning Opportunities

UPDATE 4/20/21:  MCPS will not be recruiting student volunteers to assist with the Extended Learning Opportunities (ELO) summer programs for 2021. Students may continue to engage in other MCPS SSL opportunities during the summer, including select virtual/remote opportunities that follow the temporarily amended SSL guidelines. All MCPS SSL opportunities can be found at https://bit.ly/VirtualSSL2020 and https://bit.ly/SSLOpportunities. These opportunities will be tagged with the blue MCPS SSL banner and graduation cap icon.

To learn more about the MCPS SSL program, please view our SSL program overview. If you have questions, please email the MCPS SSL office at ssl@mcpsmd.org.

Interested in volunteering with the ELO SAIL, ELO STEP, and PRE-K/Head Start programs? Please complete the following:

  1. Reply to the opportunity on the MCVC website  
  2. Complete the required paperwork:
    • MCPS Student Emergency Form
    • Home School Verification Form
    • ELO Summer Volunteer Commitment Form
    • Student Volunteer Coversheet Checklist Form
  3. Submit all four completed forms to your school’s SSL Coordinator, OR AT ONE TIME, scan and email your 4 completed forms to Ms. Donna Kleffman at Donna_K_Kleffman@mcpsmd.org.

     Incomplete forms will not be accepted. Your name must appear on our database showing that you applied through the MCVC website. Names not appearing in our database will not be accepted as a volunteer.

If you have additional questions about registering your middle or high school child as a volunteer, please contact Ms. Donna Kleffman, at Donna_K_Kleffman@mcpsmd.org or 240-740-4691.

If you have any questions about enrolling your elementary school aged child in the ELO SAIL Title 1 program or if you are an MCPS employee interested in employment with the ELO SAIL Title 1 program, please visit the Extended Learning Opportunities webpage.