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  • Transition Planning Guide for Individuals with Disabilities Provides information to students, parents/guardians, educators, and community agencies about the transition process. Although every student will have individualized transition goals and outcomes, this guide provides “preliminary” information about the requirements of the transition process under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) as well as recommended strategies and resources to acquire a positive outcome.
  • Are you Ready Checklist A checklist for families to support students preparing to transition out of high school
  • Department of Rehabilitation Services (DORS) Brochure Provides short term funding to programs for individuals with disabilities found eligible to meet employment and independence goals. To learn more:
  • Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA)  Provides long term funding for individuals eligible for adult day, residential, or support services for individuals with developmental disabilities to work and live as independently as possible in the community. Eligibility is based on priority, availability of needed services and funding, and acceptance by the agency of the client’s application.
  • Step-by-Step Guide to DDA Process Videos from PCR PCR, in collaboration with the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA), has produced five short videos to help families and DD professionals throughout the State of Maryland learn about the services and supports offered by DDA and how to access them. All videos include ASL simultaneous interpretation.