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Help Improve Your School and MCPS!

MCPS is inviting ALL students, staff and parents/caregivers to share your experiences and thoughts on academics, communication, and overall satisfaction with your school and the district and/or experience working at MCPS.
We want to improve our teaching and make our schools and district a more welcoming place for all students, staff and families.

Please complete the survey below to help us understand what we need to do better.



Parents & Caregivers

Take the Parent/Caregivers Survey

All parents and caregivers are encouraged to fill out the survey. Your response will help us to:

  • improve the way we teach your children,
  • make our school more welcoming,
  • work as partners with families to help all students succeed.
Instructions for completing the survey

EnglishEspañol  /  中文  /  Français Português /한국어 /  Tiếng Việt አማርኛ  



Take the Student Survey

Students will receive time during the school day to fill out their survey. Students can also fill out the survey at home using the above link.

Survey questions focus on students’ perspectives on aspects such as school culture, engagement, and well-being. Information from the survey will help administrators, staff, and district leaders understand opportunities for improvements in teaching and learning practices, which can enhance student motivation, participation, and academic achievement.



All staff are encouraged to participate. You will receive a link to the survey in your Outlook Email.

The survey provides an opportunity for employees to express their opinions and share their experiences in schools, offices, and the district overall. Information from the survey will help administrators, staff, and district leaders gain valuable insights into employee needs, expectations, and concerns.

Instructions for completing the survey