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Hey, I’m Russie and in the 11th grade. I attend Wheaton High School and am in the Bioscience Academy.

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 Video 1 - Thoughts about high school choice...
 Video 2 - Making new friends... .
 Video 3 - Best part of my academy program...
 Video 4 - Favorite part of the school day...
 Video 5 - Future plans...
 Video 6 - When I need help...

About Me

  • My plans include attending either Johns Hopkins University and/or University of Virginia.
  • I will major in biology and my favorite class is math. Ultimately, I want to become a pediatrician.


  • Varsity cheerleading
  • Varsity lacrosse


Both my mom and my friends have high expectations of me and that encourages me to do better. In addition, my pediatrician was amazing and very professional. I would take every piece of advice he gave me as it related to my career goal.

Here’s the high school scoop

  • Make sure to be organized and on top of your schedules.
  • Have time for fun.
  • Make school your #1 priority.

(Information paraphrased for space purposes)