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Hey, I’m Jack. I go to Northwood High School and am in the 11th grade. I'm in the Musical Theater Academy.

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 Video 2 - School assignments
 Video 3 - Best part of the academy program
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About Me

  • I want to go to college and play a sport in college.
  • I might want to major in business management.
  • Maybe I'll be an entrepreneur, start my own business, and travel around the country.
  • I hope to marry and have a family.


  • Lacrosse and soccer
  • Piano and saxophone
  • Games, sleeping, being social


My parents and my teachers have been the most influential in my life.

Here’s the high school scoop

  • In high school, you have more freedom to do what you'd like to do, but have more responsibility, too.
  • Going to all the high school open houses is really helpful!

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