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The Consulting Teacher Program
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Consulting Teachers

  CT Position Openings 2020 - 2021   

**Due to the anticipation of emergency weather conditions the CT open house is cancelled today**

The Consulting Teacher (CT) Team is beginning the process for selecting the  2020-2021   cohort of CTs.  Experienced teachers with at least five years of successful teaching experience and tenure in MCPS are eligible to apply. The job will be posted on MCPS Careers from  December 18th through January 17th   and includes information about how to submit a current resume and completion of a writing prompt. 

Potential applicants are invited to attend an Open House on either  January 7th or January 13th from 4:30-6:00 at MCEA (12 Taft Court, Rockville, MD)  . Applicants do not need to attend one of these sessions to apply.  Please contact Mrs. Nickie Wallace or Mrs. Serenity Moore, co-leads of the CT team, with any additional questions. 

Note: If school is closed or MCPS cancels after school activities on either Open House date, then the snow date for the Open House will be January 15th  at the same time and same location  

Professional Growth System for Teachers

 The role of the Consulting Teacher is complementary and not duplicative of the role of administrators, secondary resource teachers, nor other existing positions. Consulting Teachers are experienced MCPS teachers who are selected by the PAR panel. They are chosen through a rigorous application process that ensures they are outstanding teachers and are able to communicate their knowledge and strategies about best practices to adult learners. Consulting Teachers are reassigned full-time from their teaching duties for a period of three years. They agree to return to teaching for a minimum of two years once they complete their Consulting Teacher assignment. 


We would like to welcome the following members to the 2019-2020 Consulting Teacher Co-hort: 

    Elissa Andrade
    Jacki Bragg
    Nadya Chacon
    Lauren Dagins
    Kim Feher
    Audrey Fincher
    Lisa Harris
    Kristen Hostler
    Jill Pencek
    Lisa Ryan
    Margaret Wagner
    Bret Williams-Caison