Contact Information 

New Teacher Induction Program
45 W. Gude Drive, Suite 2400
Rockville, Maryland 20850
Phone: (301) 217-5100

Dr. Yolanda Stanislaus

Geetha Kumar

The New Teacher Induction (NTI) Program

The primary goal of the New Teacher Induction Program is to support and retain novice and experienced new-to-MCPS educators through a comprehensive induction system that improves instructional practice and supports student achievement. 

The secondary goal of the program is to develop the leadership capacity of new-to-MCPS educators, mentors, and other critical personnel. 

The Mentor Program 

MCPS has a strong mentor program that supports new educators in their first three years with MCPS.

  • At the beginning of each school year, principals and supervisors are sent a memo outlining the mentor program for the year.
  • Principals and supervisors should refer to the memo's Selection Checklistpdf and Expectationspdf as they identify potential mentors.
  • Please note: New teachers with Consulting Teachers are not eligible for mentors unless a special exemption has been granted by NTI.
  • Once the selection process is complete, a mentor Verificationpdf form should be returned to NTI. 
  • Mentors will receive an email containing the program details and Criteria and Dutiespdf after they have been verified and given a mentor tab.
  • Mentors are expected to document their work through online mentor logs and should refer to the PDO Guide to Online Mentor Logspdf for more information.
  • Mentors are expected to be trained--Training Opportunitiespdf are available for new mentors.
  • Mentors can receive payment for their services. Mentors should refer to the Stipend FAQspdf for more information.