CPD Courses for New Teachers

MCPS offers a CPD (Continuing Professional Development) course for teachers new to the profession of teaching and/or new to MCPS. It is in the form of three modules: NTT-01, NTT-02, and NTT-03. Each module stands alone (no prerequisites). One credit of MSDE credit is given upon completion of the each module. NTT-01, NTT-02, & NTT-03 DO NOT CHARGE REGISTRATION FEES.

Courses: NTT Modules

CPD courses

NTT-01, "Beginning Your First Year of Teaching," is designed to strengthen new teachers’ classroom repertoire, beliefs & expectations and provide educators with such strategies as classroom management, planning for instruction, differentiation, and parent communication. The five-day course is offered in the summer and again at the beginning of October.

NTT-02, "Finishing Your First Semester of Teaching," focuses on specific needs for classroom discipline, strategies, and instruction. The topics include proactive and reactive discipline techniques, managing the paperwork associated with the teaching profession, instructional strategies and attendance assessments for addressing the needs of an ethnically rich and instructionally demanding population. The five-day course is offered December through February.

NTT-03, "Ending Your First Year of Teaching," is designed to follow “Beginning the First Year of Teaching” and “Ending the First Semester of Teaching”. As such it is designed to both build and expand on those skills acquired during completion of those two courses, but the previous two courses are not prerequisites. This course continues to develop a new teacher's repertoire of instructional strategies, classroom management, evidence of student learning, and ability to accommodate the unique and diverse learner effectively. The five-day course is offered March through May.

Registration is through the Professional Development Online (PDO) system on the MCPS website, but you must have a username and password. If you do not, please contact the Help Desk at 301-517-5800. Once in the system, type NTT in the course title box. If you still have difficulty registering, please contact the user support specialist at your school or email Geetha_M_Kumar@mcpsmd.org.