Studying Skillful Teaching

Course Descriptions

skillful teaching

Studying Skillful Teaching 1 (SST1) supports teachers in improving student achievement by examining beliefs about teaching and building a repertoire of instructional strategies to matching students learning needs.

Studying Skillful Teaching 2 (SST2) (Note: SST 2 will not be offered for the summer/fall 2017 semester).

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Observing and Analyzing Teaching 1 and Observing and Analyzing Teaching 2

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MCPS Teacher Professional Growth System Handbook pdf

When are courses offered?

Courses are generally offered twice yearly: beginning in the summer, with completion by January; and beginning in January, with completion by May. Registration for these classes usually opens on the Professional Development Online (PDO).

Credit Information

Credit information on specific sections of each course can be found on the Professional Development Online (PDO) system. In addition, instructors will share credit information at the first session. If you have questions regarding credit for a course you are interested in, please call 301-840-6740. If you have questions and are currently enrolled in a course, please ask your instructor.

Tuition Reimbursement

Tuition reimbursement through MCPS applies for credit earned through Fitchburg State University, provided that the course was taken outside the duty day. More about tuition reimbursement here.

Frequently Asked Questions about Skillful Teaching and Leading Credit

What do I do with my certificate/grade slip once I have completed a Skillful Teaching and Leading course?

If you took the course for graduate credit through Fitchburg State University, you must request a transcript on Fitchburg’s website. Please retain a copy for your records since the original must be forwarded from Certification to MSDE.

If you are not taking the Skillful Teaching and Leading course for graduate credit or CPD credit, but wish to use it as credit towards renewing your MSDE advanced professional certificate, you must forward a copy of the “Certificate of Completion”, sent to you by your instructor.

Send the transcript from Fitchburg State University or the to "Certificate of Completion" to:

Marie Bercaw, Certification Coordinator
MCPS- Office of Human Resources and Development
Attn: Certification Unit
45 W. Gude Drive, Suite 2300
Rockville, MD 20850

If you took the course for CPD credit, staff from the Office of Human Resources and Development will send a copy of the CPD credit slip to Marie Bercaw, Certification Coordinator. Participants do not need to send their copy of the CPD credit slip to Marie Bercaw.

What do I do if I have not completed my Skillful Teaching and Leading course?

If you have not completed your Skillful Teaching and Leading course, call your instructor at 301-840-6740. S/he will know if you are still eligible to complete the course and what steps must be taken to meet standard. Course work may be made up within a semester of the course completion date.

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