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Department of Professional Growth Systems

Building the capacity of our workforce

Supporting Services Professional Growth System - Evaluations

Our evaluation process is designed to measure job performance, promote professional development, and maximize the quality of our workforce. The Supporting Services Professional Growth System (SSPGS) staff is dedicated to helping schools and offices develop the most successful teams, who contribute to the success of all students. We offer multiple evaluator trainings throughout the year for administrators and supervisory support professionals such as building service managers, building service assistant managers, cafeteria managers, security team leaders, and office based supervisors. Below, you will find links to some of the tools we have designed to assist you with the evaluation process. You are encouraged to reach out to us if you need assistance in navigating the Performance Improvement Process or for more information related to your role as an evaluator.

(240) 740-8067

Tools for Evaluators  

 430-90 for Joe Smith 

 Checklist Tool for Evaluation Cycle 

 Evaluation Due Dates 
  Criteria for a Successful Evaluation 
 Writing Samples CEIJ   
 SSPGS Evaluation Samples - Multiple Job Classifications   
 Sample Evaluation - Building Services Assistant Manager - Does not meet competency  
 Sample Evaluation Building Service Manager - Meets Competency  
 Sample Evaluation - Bus Operator - Does Not Meet Competency 
  Minimum Guidelines for Referral to the Performance Improvement Process 
 Performance Improvement Process Flow Chart 
 Action Plan - Improvement Plan for Support Professionals 
 Action Item Template for Meetings 
 Collaborative Assessment Meeting Log 
 Competency Assessment Rating Tool 
 Observation Tool - media assistant Look Fors 
 Observation Tool - paraeducator Look Fors 
 Contact Information  


 Supporting Services Professional Growth System Handbook  
 Evaluation Form (MCPS Form 430-90)  
 Attachment for evidence for form 430-90 
 Supporting Services Professional Development Plan (PDP) (MCPS Form 425-53) 
 Training and Development Opportunities