JPG-RA, Wellness: Physical and Nutritional Health

About this Regulation

Regulation: JPG-RA

Last revised: August 20, 2018


To implement Montgomery County Board of Education Policy JPG, Wellness: Physical and Nutritional Health, and to comply with state and federal laws and standards

To set forth procedures to:
A. Affirm that wellness is an important aspect of social-emotional well-being;
B. Support a school environment in Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) that promotes physical and nutritional health and social-emotional well-being; teaches and models behaviors and activities that may contribute to a healthy lifestyle;
C. Establish goals and objectives for providing opportunities for all students and employees to practice healthy eating and physical activity;
D. Encourage students to take responsibility for their own health, adopt healthy eating habits, and incorporate physical activity into their daily lives;
E. Assign responsibility among MCPS offices and operating units for the MCPS school meals program, nutrition education, and physical education and physical activity, as well as other elements of wellness, in support of healthy eating and lifestyle choices; and
F. Coordinate MCPS wellness efforts among key stakeholders and the MCPS community.


Research shows that good nutrition and physical activity before, during, and after the instructional day are strongly associated with positive student outcomes. For example, students who participated in the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA’s) School Breakfast Program exhibited higher grades and higher standardized test scores, lower absenteeism and better performance on cognitive tasks, compared to students who did not participate.

Schools and families share the responsibility for guiding students toward healthy choices. The MCPS curriculum includes health education, nutrition education, and physical education. Schools can create healthy learning environments by providing physical activity, as well as a variety of healthy food and beverage options. Parents/guardians can participate in, support, and encourage wellness activities and instruction.

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