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Become a substitute teacher with MCPS today!

Do you have 60 college credits or an associate degree?

Substitute teacher with students

If you enjoy working with students, have a strong interest in teaching and want to help your community, apply today to become a substitute teacher with Montgomery County Public Schools!

Substitute teaching is a rewarding career that lets you:

  • Choose your own schedule, schools and work commitment level (short-term or long-term)
  • Build skills and gain valuable experience
  • Earn a steady paycheck with great pay rates

Do you have another job, or other family and community commitments? Learn how substitute teaching can fit into your existing life and schedule. You choose when, where and how long you want to work using MCPS’ automated system. You can call or check this system online at any time—day or night—to locate a job based on your desired subject area or school location.

Our schools need you and all that you bring to the classroom. Make a difference in students’ lives today!

Daily hourly rate of pay $19.70 - Long Term rate $28.12 if you have an associate's degree or 60 college credits.

Daily hourly rate of pay $20.88 - Long Term rate $29.81 if you have a bachelor's degree or higher.

If you hold a valid Maryland professional eligibility certificate or standard advanced professional certificate, the daily hourly rate of pay is $22.21-Long Term rate $31.63. In order to qualify for this higher rate of pay, you must submit a copy of your valid Maryland certificate.

Get started today. Visit to apply.

Questions please call 240-740-8060 or email us at

READ More about changes to the requirements to be a substitute here:

Read on to see how being a Substitute Teacher may be the right choice for you!

  • Thinking about exploring a career in teaching?
  • Interested in getting hands-on, practical teaching experience, while working towards a four-year undergraduate degree?
  • Looking for ways to earn extra income during semester breaks, or around your existing class schedule?

Do you want to build your resume while you give back? Do you need flexible hours?

If you want a work opportunity where you can set your own schedule around school or another job; earn a steady paycheck; and gain valuable experience, all while helping out schools and students who need it most … consider substitute teaching.

Do you enjoy a variety of experiences?

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to teach in different environments. One day, you could be discussing I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings in a high school English class: the next, you could be practicing numbers and counting in a kindergarten classroom!

  • Flexible schedule
  • Select the schools where you work
  • Valuable experiences
  • Make a difference in your local community
Substitute teacher with students  

Get started today. Visit to apply.

Questions please call 240-740-8060 or email us at

Join a Great Team Today and Enhance Your Career