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Student Teaching in Montgomery County Public Schools 

Student teacherAre you considering the possibility of student teaching with Montgomery County Public Schools?  If so, you have made a wise choice.  The Department of Certification and Continuing Education believes that student teacher interns make a direct, positive contribution to education and that we have a professional responsibility to participate in the effective preparation of new teachers.  Montgomery County Public Schools is dedicated to contributing excellence to future educators by offering quality teaching experiences to over 300 student teacher interns annually. Student teaching is considered to be the single most important experience in a teacher preparation program.   By working together, we hope to nurture the professional growth of student teacher interns, support the continued professional development of cooperating teachers, provide for quality learning experiences for the children in our school, and strengthen our partnerships with higher education institutions.

All arrangements to accept student teachers are made through the Office of Human Resources and Development in conjunction with the College and University placement offices.  In order to meet the needs of the many Colleges/Universities, a student teacher placement request (form 440-12) and all associated documents must be sent to the Office of Human Resources and Development by: June 1 - Fall semester internship; October 1 - Spring semester internship; and April 1 - Summer semester internship.

The links below provide more information regarding the requirements and procedures involved in student teacher placements with Montgomery County Public Schools.

General Information



From the Maryland State Department of Education


Colleges & Universities

  •  University Partnerships for Current Employees 
  •  Teacher Preparation Partnerships 
  •  Background Screening Process for College and University Interns


Mentor Teachers for College & University Interns