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Submitting Official Transcripts, MSDE CPD Credit Slips and Other Documentation for Certification and Salary Advancement

Where to Submit Transcripts

Upon completion of coursework, please submit ORIGINAL, OFFICIAL transcripts directly to the Certification Unit

IMPORTANT NOTE: we cannot accept copies, faxes, unofficials or computer printouts. Also, please do not use Form 475-1, Request for Advanced Salary Placement, when submitting coursework unless you are qualified for a salary lane change.    



     45 West Gude, Suite 2300   

     45 West Gude Drive, Suite 2300  
     Rockville, MD  20850-1159

Traditional Paper Transcripts

If you are submitting a traditional paper transcript, please ensure you first inquire that it has been updated with all of your coursework and degree, if applicable, when requesting it from the college/university.  Official traditional paper transcripts must be submitted in a sealed envelope.

Electronic Transcripts

If you are submitting an electronic transcript, please note that the electronic transcript must be sent directly from the university’s transcript exchange provider (i.e., Parchment, National Student Clearinghouse, E-Scrip-Safe, SPEEDE, etc.) to the Outlook email address for the certification unit at Certification@mcpsmd.orgWe cannot accept an electronic transcript that you receive and then forward to us either via email or in paper format.  We also cannot accept the transcript from the college sent via fax or email.   

Transcripts for Credits Taken Through MCPS

Continuing Professional Development credits (CPDs) taken thru MCPS are automatically sent to the Certification Unit for all contracted teachers, specialists and administrators.  Therefore, you do not need to submit your copy, but should retain it in your records for future reference.

If you took any Studying Skillful Teaching (SST) or Observing and Analyzing Teaching (OAT) courses for graduate credit, you must submit an original, official transcript for these courses to our unit.   

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Your PDO transcript will not be accepted as official documentation for completed coursework.  

MSDE Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Credit Slips

If you have completed MSDE CPD courses through another Maryland school system, MSDE, or MSDE approved course provider (i.e., Thinkport, PBS Teacherline), please complete it with your name, last 4 digits of your SSN, and school/work location, and then submit the original, official MSDE credit slip via email to the MCPS CPD Registrar, or via mail to the address below:

Attn:  CPD Registrar
Montgomery County Public Schools OHRD

45 W. Gude Drive, Suite 2300
Rockville, MD  20850

After the MSDE CPD credit slip has been reviewed, it must be approved and signed by the MSDE Professional Development Liaison for MCPS.  The original signed CPD credit slip will then be given to the certification unit to add to your official MSDE and MCPS certification records and you will be sent a copy of the signed credit slip for your personal records.

If You Want To Add An Endorsement

If you are submitting official coursework (or Praxis Test scores) and wish to have an endorsement (subject area) added to your certificate, please include a note requesting that your file be reviewed for that purpose.  Please review detailed information and instructions on our Adding Endorsements webpage.  

Form for Your Use When Submitting Official Transcripts or MSDE CPD Credit Slips

This fillable form is provided to help you submit documents to the Certification Unit.  Please review it carefully, select the appropriate action, and submit both the form and your documents to the Certification Unit.  You can also submit a written note with your employee ID and request in lieu of this form.
Correspondence - Document Submission Form to MCPS Certification Unit

Tuition Reimbursement

The Certification Unit does not process tuition reimbursement. For all issues regarding tuition reimbursement, please call 301-315-7383 or send an Outlook email to


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