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MSDE Reading Requirements


In July 1998, the State Board of Education increased the number of reading credits for teachers at all educational levels. If needed, reading credits must be completed as part of the renewal credits for all certificates with validity dates of January 1, 1999, and after. For educators needing more than 6 shrs of reading course work, the educator will have a maximum of 2 renewal periods to complete the course work. A minimum of 6 shrs of reading course work must be completed and submitted as part of the renewal credits required for the first renewal period; then, any remaining reading course work must be completed and submitted by the expiration of the second renewal period. Educators needing 6 shrs or less of reading course work will have only one renewal period to complete the requirements.

Specialist and administrative endorsements are not affected by the reading requirements; however, if an educator also holds and desires to retain a teaching endorsement(s) on his/her certificate, he/she must meet the reading requirements or forfeit the teaching endorsement(s) from his/her certificate.

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