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Assistant Principal (All Levels)


The Assistant Principal Pool is open until January 16, 2020.  All application materials including references are due no later than the application deadline of January 16, 2020.  Please visit MCPS Careers and apply to the "Applicant Pool - Assistant Principal."

Summary Description

Under direction of the principal, the assistant principal assists with administering and supervising the total school program and providing educational leadership for students and staff members consistent with the educational goals of the community.  Functions include establishing a climate conducive to learning, planning, and coordinating programs, affecting change, and decision making.

Please visit our AP Pool Application Support site for the most updated information pertaining to the application materials, process, etc.

Note:  While Observing and Analyzing Teaching I and Future Administrators Workshop are no longer requirements to apply for the pool, they are recommended.  If you have completed these workshops, please upload your certificates of completion to your job submission profile.   Applicants whose OAT 1 issue date is older than 3 years should contact Skillful Teaching and Leading for information about becoming recertified in OAT 1.* 


*For information about OAT 1 classes, please contact Skillful Teaching and Leading at 301-840-6740. 

**For information about FAW, please contact the Leadership Development Program at 240-740-3207.

For information about the application process, please e-mail Marjorie D. Lope Moutsatsos or Alex Guillen.