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News for Aspiring Principals, Assistant Principals, and Assistant School Administrators

Click on the links below to see the application timeline and support sessions for the pre-qualified principal list, the principal internship (internal candidates only), and the assistant principal and assistant school administrator (ASA) pools. Applications will be accepted at various times throughout the year.

For specific details on the requirements, please go to the support sites.

Application Timeline and Support Sessions for the Pre-qualified Principal List, Internship, Assistant Principal, and ASA Pools 

Pre-Qualified Principal and Principal Internship 

Assistant Principal Pool 

Click below to the support sites that have more details on the application process.

  Aspiring Principal Application Support site

  AP/ASA Pool Application Support Site 

  Note: If you are currently in the Assistant Principal (AP) or Assistant School Administrator Pool (ASA), you DO NOT need to re-apply. After your eligibility expires, you must wait one year before applying to the AP or ASA Pool.