Update for submitting tuition reimbursement during COVID19 shutdown:

The 60 day deadline for all applications is in place. All applications must be submitted within 60 days of your course end date.  Do not come to 45 West Gude Drive to drop off documentation. Please mail your PDO application and all supporting documentation to the address found at the right hand side of this page. The tuition reimbursement unit is picking up the USPS tuition reimbursement mail on a weekly basis. Please continue to send all inquiries to tuitionreimbursement@mcpsmd.org. We continue to respond to all emails sent to this email dropbox. Please remember that staff cannot be reimbursed for coursework taken during the duty day! 

All MCPS staff are eligible for up to nine credits per year of tuition reimbursement. MCPS will only reimburse tuition costs incurred by MCPS employees. MCPS will not reimburse for tuition costs incurred by family members, including parents or spouses. The per credit tuition reimbursement rate is one half the cost, of the per credit rate for the University of Maryland. 

Requests for tuition reimbursement are made through the Professional Development Online (PDO) system. It is strongly suggested that staff use the "INQUIRY" tab under "Tuition Reimbursement" in PDO, prior to registering for any coursework to verify eligibility for tuition reimbursement. Staff will then be able to submit "Requests" under the "Tuition Reimbursement" tab in PDO after the completion of coursework.

MCEA unit members are eligible to be reimbursed a percentage of tuition only for graduate credits, CPDs or CEUs. MCEA unit members are not eligible to be reimbursed for fees, books or undergraduate coursework. All coursework must enhance your skills, knowledge and abilities (SKAs) in your current position or increase your SKAs to match the job requirements of another position within MCPS that you may apply for. All coursework must relate to classroom instruction and tie back to student achievement, or provide instruction in school leadership. Please see the link below for further explanation of the course criteria required to be eligible for tuition reimbursement.    

Commonly requested coursework that is not eligible for tuition reimbursement include Google Apps (and variations), religious coursework, self improvement or wellness coursework, Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint instruction, or physical education coursework taken when the MCEA unit member is not a current physical education teacher.

SEIU unit members are eligible to be reimbursed a percentage of tuition and fees for undergraduate credit, graduate credit, contact hours and clock hours. All coursework must enhance your skills, knowledge and abilities (SKAs) in your current position or increase your SKAs to match the job requirements of another position within MCPS that you may apply for.

PLEASE NOTE: Any paperwork required for certification or salary lane advancement MUST be submitted directly to  the Certification Unit

All required documentation must be received in OHRD within 60 days of the course end date. NO EXCEPTIONS! This includes the following:

  1. Hard copy of the PDO Form
  2. Photocopy of an official transcript, or unofficial transcript (i.e. computer generated from a student's online account access) The transcript must be clearly legible.
  3. Proof of Tuition Cost; A statement that includes all fees and tuition, scholarships, grants and loans as well as class name or number. We must be able to see all financial transactions for the semester and the transactions must match the time frame of payment and course schedule. There should be no blacked out information on the statement.
  4. Proof of Payment; front/back of canceled check, or credit card statement showing the employee's name as the account holder.


 Will my course be approved? Tuition Reimbursement Criteria

Detailed Directions on How to Submit Tuition Reimbursement on PDO.

Grants and scholarships: Only tuition not covered by grants or scholarships is eligible for reimbursement.

On-line courses: Requests for reimbursement of on-line courses must be submitted within 60 days of course completion.