Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Courses

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development, formerly referred to as in-service courses. CPDs are MSDE approved credit-bearing courses. Teachers have priority when registering for CPD courses. Support staff and substitutes are encouraged to register for CPDs and can be considered on a space available basis. MCPS CPD courses receiving MSDE CPD credits count toward salary advancement and certification renewal for professional staff. For inquiries regarding certification, professional staff should contact the certification unit in the Department of Certification and Staffing.

The following is the registration fee structure:

  • $30.00 for a 1-credit course
  • $60.00 for a 2-credit course
  • $90.00 for a 3-credit course  
Permanent employees will have the fee assessed by payroll deduction after completion of the course.  Non-permanent employees should contact the CPD office for the fee structure information, which is not reflected above, and to make payment arrangements. See registration information below for more details and instructions.
Questions?  Call Latese Robinson, Department of Certification and Staffing, at 301-315-7391.

Contact Information

Office of Human Resources and Development
Montgomery County Public Schools,
45 West Gude Drive, Suite 2300
Rockville, MD 20850

Phone: 301-315-7391


    If you are a 12 month employee and are planning to take MSDE/CPD courses during the duty day for credit, please provide a copy of your approved annual or personal leave slip to the CPD Registrar.  This information is requested for auditing purposes only.  If you do not want to receive credit for MSDE/CPD courses, please let the CPD Registrar know and the Certification Unit will be notified that you have declined credit and will add the information to your certification file for future reference.
  • ThinkPort MSDE Approved Online Courses  
    Thinkport wants to help you be the best teacher you can be. Through Think Career you'll be able to expand your experience through professional development programs and interaction with your peers online. 


Register for CPD courses on the MCPS Professional Development Online (PDO) website:

PDO Icon

Guidelines for non-permanent educators:

Non-permanent educators are placed into CPD courses on a space available basis. Check your email on a regular basis prior to the start of class in case you have been moved to the wait list or dropped from a class.

Non-permanent educators should contact our office for registration fee information and payment. There is an additional $50 non-refundable fee per course:

  • $80.00 for a 1-credit course
  • $110.00 for a 2-credit course
  • $140.00 for a 3-credit course     

Checks should be made payable to “MCPS” and sent to the following address prior to the end of the CPD course: 

Office of Human Resources and Development CPD Registrar
Montgomery County Public Schools
45 West Gude Drive, Suite 2300
Rockville, MD 20850

If you have any questions about following these guidelines, please call 301-315-7391.

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