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Evaluation and Selection

About Evaluation and Selection of Instructional Materials and Library Books

Evaluation and Selection serves as a coordinating unit for the evaluation of instructional materials and library books by professional staff. These materials support the curriculum and instructional strategies in the schools to meet the diverse learning needs of students.

What Evaluation and Selection Does

  • Coordinates the evaluation of instructional materials and library books for school purchase.
  • Coordinates the evaluation of content area textbooks for school purchase.
  • Maintains a reading room where library media professional staff may review materials prior to selection for use in schools.
  • Maintains the 30-day shelf for examination of newly approved textbooks.
  • Maintains a collection of collection development and evaluation tools to support library media professional staff.
  • Provides guidance for weeding library collections.
  • Facilitates collection development meetings for library media professional staff for the review and evaluation of library books and instructional materials.
  • Selects initial collections for new schools.
  • Secures the appointment of an ad hoc evaluation committee to reevaluate materials whose appropriateness has been questioned by parents or staff of the school community.

Textbook review: 30-day Shelf

The following textbooks are under review:

On the 30 day shelf until October 21, 2021  

It Wasn't Me, ISBN # 9781524766467, Dana Alison Levy, Penguin Random House, 2020, Gr. 16-8.

On the 30 day shelf until October 25, 2021

La Carretera, ISBN # 9780307473257, Cormac McCarthy, PRH Grupo Editorial, 2008, Gr 11-12.

Un rio, Un Amor/Los Placeres Prohibidos, ISBN # 9788437617503, Luis Cernuda, Ediciones Catedra, 2005, Gr. 11-12.

Persona Normal, ISBN # 9786070715082, Benito Taibo, Planeta Publishig Corp., 2014, Gr 11-12.

Bestiario, ISBN # 9788466331845, Julio Cortazar, Debolsillo, 2016, Gr 11-12.

El Tunel, ISBN # 9788437600895, Ernesto Sabato, Catedra, 1989, Gr 11-12.

Economics for the IB Diploma Coursebook, 3rd Edition, ISBN # 9781108847063, Ellie Tragakes, Cambridge University Press, 2020, Gr 11-12.

On the 30 day shelf until October 29, 2021

Uke Can Do It 2!: Classroom Ukelele Method, ISBN # 9781475818635, Philip Tamberino, Rowman & Littlefield Publisher, 2016, Gr 6-8.

On the 30 day shelf until November 5, 2021  

Discrete Mathematics with Proof, ISBN # 9780130669483, Eric Gossett, Pearson Education, 2003, Gr 11-12.

On the 30 day shelf until November 11, 2021

Jane Eyre: Norton Critical Edition, 4th Edition, ISBN # 9780393264876, Charlotte Bronte (edited by Deborah Lutz), W.W. Norton & Co, 2016, Gr. 11-12.

On the 30 day shelf until November 15, 2021

ISE Chemistry, 13th Edition, ISBN# 9780076812141, Raymond Chang and Jason Overby, McGraw-Hill, 2019, Gr. 9-12.

On the 30 day shelf until November 18, 2021

Ken Ludwig's The Three Musketeers, ISBN # 9780573652288, Len Ludwig and Alexandre Dumas, Samuel French Pub., 2008, Gr 10-12.


Newly approved textbooks will remain in the Evaluation and Selection Unit for 30 calendar days to permit examination by professional staff and parents before school orders will be honored.