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Mission and Vision

Vision Statement

The Montgomery County Public Schools Retirees Association (MCPSRA) inspires the dedication, commitment and abilities of its members to serve fellow retirees and the entire community in our ever-changing society.

Mission Statement

MCPSRA is a non-profit organization created by and comprised of retirees from the Montgomery County Public Schools. It advocates for and provides services to its members, empowering them to enrich the quality of their lives. MCPSRA is dedicated to pursuing excellence in education for young people and for lifelong learning. It promotes service through volunteer opportunities within the Association and in the community.

What We Do

  • Serve as a voice for school system retirees with local, state and national legislatures to assure continuing and improved retiree benefits.
  • Serve as the local association in a network of school retiree organizations, including the National Retired Teachers Association (the educator community of AARP) and the Maryland Retired School Personnel Association.
  • Work with the Montgomery County Public Schools and the Board of Education to assure an adequate program of retiree pension and health benefits.
  • Provide annual scholarships to support staff development opportunities for outstanding MCPS personnel.
  • Support MCPS students through activities such as the “gently used” books project, the educational toolkits project and alternative school programs.
  • Provide continuing education, travel and other opportunities to help members and their families enjoy their lives and retirement.
  • Recommend to members outstanding candidates for political office.
  • Communicate news and information regularly to members through newsletters, luncheons/business meetings and a website.