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Technical Help Desk

Supporting MCPS employees Monday - Friday, 7am to 5pm (except holidays)

Signing into Unicenter

USD is only available using MCPS computers.  For emergencies during normal office hours, please contact the Help Desk at 301-517-5800.


  1. Log onto USD
  2. Enter your Outlook username and password  
  3. Click Create a New Request.
  4. Complete the Location Number field
  5. Enter the location number where the problem is occurring 
  6. Click Request Area to select your type of problem, if unknown select "other"
  7. Enter a complete description of your problem in the Request Description field

    Please include in the description for:

    • All Requests Location if different from your primary location, room number
    • Application ProblemsName of application, error message or screenshot, computer network name (NOTE: to find your computer network name; On school computers, look for the label on the side of the machine (e.g. 104-A4-007). On office computers, right click on This PC or My Computer>Properties look for Computer Name).
    • Hardware RepairsMake, model, MCPS barcode, service tag/serial number (If the monitor is an issue, include the monitor serial number) 
    • User ID/Password - Name of the application  
    • Telephone ProblemsMake/model/room number
  8. Click Attach Document to add an attachment
  9. Save 

Please create a separate request for each problem or repair.

To check the status or update a request ticket using USD


  1. Log into USD 
  2. Enter your ePay or Outlook username and password
    • For Example:
      • Username: smithray 
      • Password: officexyz 
  3. Under Look up my existing Requests, click on You have ( ) My Requests link. The My Requests window will display.
  4. Click on a Request number to view the details of each request.
  5. If you want to update a request, click the Add Comment button
  6. Type your comments into the description text box and then click Save
  7. If you are finished, click on Logout or click Home to view another request or enter a new request.

Need more detailed directions?

 USD Employee User Guide