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 NWEA MAP Online Assessments  

 The NWEA (Northwest Evaluation Association) MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) are computerized adaptive assessment programs that provide teachers, students, and parents with an accurate assessment of students’ progress in mastering basic skills.   

 When administered at regular intervals over time, it is possible to find out whether an individual student, or an entire grade level, is making satisfactory progress in basic skills. Teachers can use the assessment results for instructional planning for individual students or an entire class.  


  1.  How can I view my student's scores on the NWEA website?   
      1.  Log onto the  NWEA website ( . 
      2.  Use the MAP User id and Password emailed to you or to your staff development teacher (if you don't know your user name and password, call the Help Desk at 301-517-5800).    
      3. Select Teacher Reports.   
      4.  Select Term (example winter 2012).  Submit.     
      5.  Note: Reports will be available 24 hours after the scores have been uploaded by the schools proctor.       


  1.  What should I do if a computer loses power while a student is taking the test?   

Log into Test Taker.  The student should be able to resume the test from where he left off.   If not, the student will have to start over. 


  1.  I am receiving an error message when uploading scores to the NWEA server.   Confirm that all computers are logged out of the Test Taker application. If you are still unable to upload, contact the Help Desk at 301-517-5800.   


  1.  I added a student to my school in NTE Admin2, but I am unable to find the student in TestTaker.    To fix you need to move the student from your school to your school using NTE Admin2, click here for directions 


  1.  How do I invalidate a completed test?   Complete the NWEA Problem Item Report Form.    Email to:, or fax to 503-639-7873   NOTE:   you must have permission from your Principal before sending it to NWEA.   Click here for more information on correcting other data errors.  


 Useful Links   

Moving/Adding a student using NTE Admin 2 (pdf)

Proctor Handbook (pdf)

Uploading Test Results Using NTE Admin2 (pdf)

Proctor Checklist for Map Testing (pdf)

Map Proctor Monitor Cover (pdf)

Map Record of Data Uploads Template (pdf)

 Record of Map Absences Paused Resumed Terminated tests Template (pdf)