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Request to View MCPS Security Camera Video

About this Form

Form number: 236-12

Audience:  MCPS Staff, Parents/Guardians, School Staff, Principals

Last revised: February 2020

INSTRUCTiONS:  Video recordings by MCPS security cameras may depict misconduct, a serious incident, and/or criminal conduct on school property or a school bus. This form should be completed by MCPS school administration after receiving a request by someone outside of MCPS to view a security camera video, including parents/guardians and law enforcement.

Part I should be completed by an MCPS school administrator and then sent to DSSEM for review, export, and preservation of the video. DSSEM will arrange for review of the video by the school principal, a representative from OSSI, and a representative from the OGC. The principal, DSSEM, OSSI, and the OGC must all authorize the viewing of the video by the Requestor in Part III of this form. DSSEM will distribute the completed form as noted.
For more information, see Guidance on Viewing, Preserving, and Disclosing Videos from MCPS Security Cameras which provides guidance for school staff when viewing, preserving, or disclosing videos from MCPS security cameras.

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