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Parent/Child Reunification (PCR) Authorization for Release of Student

About this Form

Form number: 236-1

Audience:  Parents/Guardians, School Staff, Students

Last revised: June 2016

This form is for parent/student reunification only; no other use is intended or authorized.  If this form is not completed by student's parent/guardian and returned to student's assigned school, MCPS staff may refer to MCPS Form 565-1, Student Emergency Information (yellow card) in the event of an emergency that requires the school to release a student using the parent/student reunification protocols at the student's school. 

Adobe PDF Parent/Child Reunification (PCR) Authorization for Release of Student35 KEnglish
Adobe PDF Normas para Reunificación de Padres e Hijos Autorización para Permitir la Salida del/de la Estudiante38 KSpanish
Adobe PDF Réunification des Parents Avec leurs Enfants (PCR) Autorisation Pour Permettre à L’Élève de Quitter l'École30 KFrench
Adobe PDF Giấy Cho Phép Giao Trả Học Sinh Về Nhà Theo Thủ Tục Đoàn Tựu Phụ Huynh/Con Em (PCR)103 KVietnamese
Adobe PDF 家長/學生團聚(PCR)同意離校表格125 KChinese
Adobe PDF 학부모 인도 수칙(Parent/Child Reunification-PCR)에따른 학생 인도 허가46 KKorean
Adobe PDF የወላጅ/ልጅ እንደገና መገናኘት ተማሪን የመልቀቅ ስልጣን/ፈቃድ41 KAmharic

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