Meet Area Associate Superintendent

Mrs. Morris

Diane Morris

Mrs. Diane D’Ambrosio Morris currently serves as area associate superintendent in Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) and supervises a portfolio of 66 schools K–12. Mrs. Morris is responsible for building the capacity of the directors of learning, achievement, and administration (DLAA) in the Office of School Support and Improvement (OSSI). DLAAs in turn select, support, and evaluate school principals that, as instructional leaders, ensure a quality education for every student and build educational partnerships among parents and community stakeholders.  

From 2014–2018, Mrs. Morris served as director of school support and improvement for middle schools in OSSI. Prior to serving as director in OSSI, Mrs. Morris was a school administrator at William H. Farquhar and Robert Frost Middle schools. She began her teaching career at Walter Johnson High School where she taught students with disabilities in the learning center program. Mrs. Morris earned a Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts in Education and Special Education from the University of Maryland at College Park.