House Bill 486 (HB486) Frequently Asked Questions


What is House Bill 486?

House Bill 486 (HB486) is a newly passed legislative bill with an effective date of July 1, 2019.  House Bill 486, Child Sexual Abuse and Sexual Misconduct Prevention,  will require all Maryland school systems to add an additional component to the applicant screening and hiring process to help ensure the safety of our students.  

Prior to being hired, an applicant must provide Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) with information about any prior investigations of child sexual abuse and sexual misconduct, as well as contact information for all former employers. The applicant’s employers will each be asked to provide specific information related to child sexual abuse and sexual misconduct.   

The request for this information may take up to 20 days for MCPS to receive, review, and prepare the applicants for hire.  


Where do I find more information about HB486?

The Maryland State Department of Education has provided guidance and answers to many frequently asked questions regarding HB486.  Please see the guidance document linked below for additional information.

 MSDE Guidance Document


How do I complete the form for a former employer that is now out of business?

All former employers, including those that are now out of business, should be included in the HB486 submission.  Candidates are encouraged to use all available resources including, online and social media, to find current contact information for former employers.  If current contact information is unavailable for a former employer because the organization is now out of business, please enter the following onto the form:                    

          Company/Organization:  Enter the name as it was when you worked there        
          Address:   City, State of Business
          Contact Name:  "Out of Business"
          Email Address:
          Phone Number:

What do I do if a former employer cannot fill out the form because their records do not date back to when I worked there?

The employer contact still must be submitted to MCPS.  Ask that a representative from the organization send an email to stating that the company does not maintain employment records that date back to the candidate's time of employment.


What do I do if an employer cannot respond due to company policy?

The employer contact still must be submitted to MCPS.  Ask that a representative from the company send an email to stating that "due to company policy, they are unable to respond." 


Who do I contact if I am a current/former MCPS employee, and need the HB486 form completed?

Montgomery County Public Schools
Office of Employee Engagement and Labor Relations
Department of Compliance and Investigations
850 Hungerford Drive
Room 55
Rockville, Maryland 20850
Phone: 240-740-2888 

How do I successfully complete the HB486 employer form?

Please see the guidance document below for additional information.  

Guidance for Successfully Completing the HB486 Employer Form


Additional Questions Regarding HB486?

Please contact the HB486 team at:
Phone: 301-217-5050