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Department of Certification and Staffing

Mrs. Dana Edwards, Director

Mrs. Rachel Buckley, Assistant Director
Janice L. Smith, Administrative Secretary III

45 W. Gude Drive, Suite 1100
Rockville, Maryland 20850
Phone: 301-279-3278
Fax: 301-517-5830

Need more information?

Our staff members in the Department of Certification and Staffing are happy to help you. Use the directory below or e-mail We look forward to hearing from you!

Elementary staffing questions: 301-279-3920

Grace Chesney, Carolina Garcia-Ablanque, Stacey Kopnitsky, Amy McIntire, Tan Drumgoole
Elementary Teachers, Art (K-12), PE (K-12), Spanish/Chinese/French Immersion 

Secondary (middle & high school) staffing questions:  301-279-3935 

Tiffany Goodson, Maggie Jones, Karla Flores, Cynthia Kiser
Math, Science, Social Studies, English, ESOL, Music (K-12), World Languages, Media Specialist, Technology, Coaches 

Special education questions:  301-279-3010 

Tory Pegram, Cathy Shinn, Anisha Goyal
Special Education Teachers, Counselors, Speech Pathologists, Occupational/Physical Therapists, Psychologists, Social Workers, Pupil Personnel Workers 

Administrator level questions:  301-315-7390

Angie Fish, Gina McEwen
Principal, Assistant Principal, Principal Intern, Assistant School Administrator, School Business Administrator

Supporting Services questions:  301-279-3940 

Duane Merson, Wendy Grenidge, Tracy Umali, Regina Arrington, Yvette (Andrea) Kelly-Walker, Keila Cruz, Rachel Shin
Paraeducators, Lunch/Recess Aides, Cafeteria Workers, Building Services, Clerical/Secretarial, Security, Media Assistants, English Composition Assistant, Financial Assistants, Facilities Management, IT Specialists

Bus Operators and Attendents: 301-548-4999

Substitute teaching questions:  301-279-3280 

Certification Requirements/Praxis Information:  Contact the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) 410-767-0412 

Benefits/Payroll Questions:  Contact the Employee and Retiree Service Center
(ERSC) 301-517-8100 

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