MCPS Careers: About Transfers

For employees who are transferring between schools or offices.

Current employees should use MCPS Careers if they are interested in a voluntary transfer or if their position was eliminated at their worksite and they have been given an involuntary transfer. It is designed to help you find a new position that will meet your needs. MCPS Careers gives you easy access to all vacancies, which you can search and sort based on what is most important to you. You can apply for any vacancies for which you are qualified. The contract rules will apply for the selection process.

If you are involuntarily transferred and do not find a position using MCPS Careers, then you will become a "priority placement" for the Office of Human Resources and Development and you will be assigned to a position for which you are most qualified.

By going to you can create an employee profile and online résumé at any time, from any computer with an internet connection. After you have created a profile and uploaded your résumé you are ready to apply for a transfer. The process is secure and your information cannot be seen by anyone until you have actively applied for a position or “requisitioned.” At that time, the hiring manager (principal or supervisor) will be able to see what you have entered on your profile and résumé. The hiring manager will also be able to see the appropriate documents in your personnel folder.

When it is appropriate to seek a transfer, according to the guidelines of the negotiated agreement for your unit, you can log in to MCPS Careers using your MCPS login and password to see all vacancies. Some vacancies can be seen only by current employees. MCPS Careers will walk you through the steps for requisitioning or applying for a position and will confirm your application by e-mail. You will also be notified electronically at each step of the process.

For MCEA unit members (all certificated personnel who are not supervisory) job fairs will continue to be offered in the beginning of the voluntary transfer season. However, all hiring will now be done electronically, so those interested should complete their profiles in MCPS Careers.

If you have any questions, contact Janice Smith, at 301-279-3278 or via e-mail at