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MCPS Careers: About Returning From Leave

For employees returning from leave.

Be sure to notify the Office of Human Resources and Development (OHRD) of the date you intend to return to work as soon as possible. Your leave form includes a return date, and you will receive documents from OHRD near that date. You should complete those forms immediately. You are encouraged to be proactive and contact OHRD when your return date is approaching so the staff can support you through the process. You can call the Employee and Retiree Service Center (ERSC) at 301-517-8100 or go to the website at 

When you are preparing to return to work, go to MCPS Careers to complete a personal profile, to search for available positions and to “requisition” (apply) positions for which you are qualified. As a current employee you will need to log in using your MCPS login name and password. This allows you to see positions that are available only to current employees. MCPS Careers will walk you through the process. After you have “requisitioned” or applied online for a position, OHRD will contact you about the next steps. If for any reason you do not find a position through this process, you will become a “priority placement” for OHRD and you will be assigned to an appropriate position in the system.