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Health and Wellness


The Local School Wellness Council/Wellness team is created at each school with the assistance of the school’s administration team. It exists to give everyone a voice, allow schools to identify needs, and develop goals to enhance student health and wellness. A Toolkit was developed to assist each school with creating a Local School Wellness Council/Team and develop their school’s goals.


School Wellness Toolkit

The Montgomery County Public Schools Wellness Toolkit will provide steps to help your school implement the revised Regulation JPG-RA Wellness: Physical and Nutritional Health, which focuses on promoting physical and nutritional health and social-emotional well-being. According to the MCPS regulations summary, our schools have three goals:

  • Form a local school wellness council/wellness team, representative of the school community.
  • Create a formal action plan that identifies wellness goals.
  • Ensure that wellness is incorporated into the School Improvement Plan (SIP).

Throughout the toolkit, you will receive ideas and guidance that will assist you in creating a successful LSWC and formalize a student wellness plan for your individual school. There are many wellness goals/activities that may be included in your plan. This toolkit will help you identify the current activities at your school and provide guidance to include those and others in your plan.

Toolkit Steps

1 Introduction 

2 Creating a Team 

3 Assessing Current Wellness Practices 

4 Developing Goals 

5 Action Planning 


Contact Information

Shaun Sawko RDN,LD/N
Director, Student Wellness Initiatives
Phone: 301-284-4900

Should you need additional information, please feel free to contact

If you are interested in getting involved or learning more about your school’s student wellness plan, please contact your school’s principal.