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Local School Signature Programs

In addition to offering a comprehensive high school program, a number of high schools have created signature programs that integrate a specific focus or distinguishing theme with the skills, concepts, and instructional strategies of some portion of a school’s curriculum. The theme or focus becomes the vehicle for teaching the traditional high school curriculum in a fresh, interesting, and challenging way. In some cases, the school may adopt a school- wide signature focus. Some schools have also created themed academies to engage students through a small learning community approach.

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Developing interests and expertise

Making connections between school and possible college and career paths

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High schools offering signature programs

Sherwood High School

The International Studies Program

The Academy experience at Sherwood connects students to high school through challenging coursework, real world experiences, and preparation for college and beyond, while building relationships with staff and one another. Students enroll in one of four Academies: Academy of Arts and Humanities, Academy of Business and Hospitality, Academy of Engineering and Technology, or Academy of Science. They complete 3 credits of required and elective courses in the Pathway, delve into Capstone Experiences (such as coursework at local colleges, Advanced Placement courses; internships at local businesses as well as state or federal agencies; or a guided research class. To round out their involvement in the Academy, value added activities such as field trips, guest speakers, college visits, and other Pathway-related programs are offered.

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