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Local School Signature Programs

In addition to offering a comprehensive high school program, a number of high schools have created signature programs that integrate a specific focus or distinguishing theme with the skills, concepts, and instructional strategies of some portion of a school’s curriculum. The theme or focus becomes the vehicle for teaching the traditional high school curriculum in a fresh, interesting, and challenging way. In some cases, the school may adopt a school- wide signature focus. Some schools have also created themed academies to engage students through a small learning community approach.

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High schools offering signature programs

Seneca Valley High School

The Signature Career Academies at Seneca Valley High School

Today’s students will enter a swiftly changing technological and global society. In preparation for the post-secondary challenges they will face, the Signature Career Academies teach students the knowledge and skills they need to compete in a global economy. This is accomplished through targeted courses and activities in small learning communities related to three specific career interests. In addition, In addition, Seneca Valley is a site for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program.

The career academies at Seneca Valley are:

  • Academy of Early Childhood Development
  • Academy of Automotive Technology
  • Academy of Technology, including the National Academy Foundation’s Academy of Information Technology (AOIT)

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