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Global Ecology House

Program Description

The Global Ecology House provides students with the knowledge and understanding of the science and cultural, social, political, economic, and technological conditions that affect the quality of life on our planet. Students will get a broad background of ecological information from which they may pursue a variety of environmental perspectives. The program also offers a unique computer-assisted approach to the study of environmental science and social studies, including networking with students and schools, locally and around the globe. Students will be challenged to develop a global ecological perspective as they investigate historical and current issues related to the earth’s natural resources. The Global Ecology House is one of three magnet programs at Poolesville HS.

Students will have the opportunity to:

  • Pursue rigorous interdisciplinary science and social studies curricula focused on human impact on the natural environment
  • Develop field, laboratory, and research skills in the sciences
  • Work with peers and environmental experts to develop and apply the responsibilities of environmental citizenship


Application (More about admissions)

Admission to the Global Ecology House is very competitive. Criteria used to evaluate candidates include written statements from candidates, previous grades and coursework, test scores, and interests and achievements.


Countywide (More about regions)

The Global Ecology House is open to applicants from any high school cluster in the county. To be eligible, students must be enrolled in Algebra 1 or higher by Grade 8.


Local School Neighborhood Stops, Central Location Stops (limited geographic area) (More about transportation)

Contact magnet coordinator at the school about transportation.


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