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Brown v. Board of Education Anniversary

Classroom Resources

  • 50th Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education

    A special website by the Montgomery County Public Schools that contains background information on the case and the decision, links to classroom resources, and lesson plans.

  • Looking Back: Brown v. Board of Education

    A special from National Public Radio looking back on the public schools and life before the Brown decision, during the trial, and how things changed afterwards. Includes, among other features: interviews with Thurgood Marshall; a piece on busing in Boston, MA; and interviews with teachers reflecting on the effects of the case.

  • Blue Flag"With an Even Hand": Brown v. Board at Fifty

    This special online exhibit from the Library of Congress provides detailed background on the issues surrounding the Brown case with sections on Racial Segregation, Brown v. Board, and Aftermath. These sections include access to a variety of primary sources.

  • Founding DocumentsCivil Rights and Race in America

    A brief annotated list of online resources on civil rights and race in America, provided by the Center for History and New Media and the MCPS Teaching American History grant, Conflict and Consensus.

  • StarBrown v. Board of Education

    This website is a digital archive containing a wide variety of primary sources and links to primary sources on segregation, racism, the Brown decision, and related cases. This archive is Backed by the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH) and organized by Journalism and Interactive Multi-Media undergraduate students at The College of New Jersey.

  • The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow

    This PBS site is an online companion to The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow, a television series that tells the story of the African-American struggle for freedom during the era of segregation. The site consists of six sections; including: A Century of Segregation, Jim Crow Stories, A National Struggle, Interactive Maps, Tools & Activites, and a For Teachers section.


Lessons & Activities

  • Documents Related to Brown v. Board of Education

    A Teaching With Documents page from the National Archives and Records Administration providing a lesson plan and activities for teaching about civil rights and the Brown v. Board of Education decision with primary sources.

  • Founding DocumentsMassive Resistance

    The Massive Resistance campaign was the response by opponents to the Brown v. Board of Education decision. This policy led so far as the closing of many schools around the country rather than end segregation. In this Conflict and Consensus Teaching American History module (made in conjunction with the Center for History and New Media at GMU), you can hear a historian analyze a Massive Resistance politcal cartoon; see how a teacher used it in her classroom; and get the lesson plan.

  • StarBrown v. Board of Education (1954)

    Landmark Supreme Court Cases is a site provided by the Supreme Court Historical Society and Street Law. This website contains lesson plans and activities, background information on the case, access to primary sources, and links to more resources.

  • Brown v. Board: Five Communities That Changed America

    From the National Park Service, this website provides a lesson on using five schools featured in the Brown v. Board of Education to teach about segregation and civil rights using primary sources. The lesson is part of their Teaching With Historic Places series and provides excellent activties and primary source images of the schools involved in the lawsuit.