Elementary School


The goal of Pre-K–12 science and technology programs in Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) is for all students to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to be literate in science, technology, and engineering in order to be informed citizens capable of thinking critically, solving problems, and communicating effectively. Although these content areas have always played a role in all facets of our lives, their importance continues to expand as our global society tackles even more challenging issues and seeks understanding to support solutions.

Enduring Understandings

  • Patterns and relationships underlie the systems of the natural and physical world. 
  • Methods of inquiry involve asking testable questions, making critical observations, conducting controlled experiments, and forming summaries and analyses that often lead to further questions. 
  • The concepts of science and engineering are continually modified and expanded based upon new information. 
  • Science, technology, and engineering impact the course of history, society, culture, politics, economics, the environment, and individual lives. 
  • Technological literacy enables people to develop knowledge and abilities about human innovation in action, and enables people to assess innovations to make educated decisions on the use and application of technology.