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Programs by Level



Language immersion is an educational approach in which students are taught the curriculum content through the medium of a second language. In this way, immersion students not only learn the content, but also gain knowledge of the language in which it is taught. 

MCPS has immersion programs in seven elementary schools, beginning in Kindergarten: three total immersion and four partial immersion.  

Before and After School FLES

MCPS does not offer world language instruction at the elementary level. The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) of each elementary school can begin a FLES program at the school. By working with the FLES office (part of the non-profit MCCPTA-EPI dba Big Learning), a PTA may offer a before or after school program for most modern languages.  Beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels may be offered, dependent on sufficient enrollment.

  • Contact your school to find out if FLES is offered.
  • Additional information is available from the FLES office.



Each middle school in MCPS creates, on a yearly basis, a list of course offerings for its students based on school goals, community input, and existing faculty. Levels 1-3 of all languages that are taught in the high schools can be included in the middle school offerings.


Immersion language continuation for Spanish, French, and Chinese is offered at some middle schools.


Most high schools offer a variety of languages. Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) language courses are offered at some schools.