Comprehensive Health Education in Kindergarten

Safety and Injury Prevention


Maryland State Curriculum Content Standard 5:  Students will demonstrate the ability to apply prevention and intervention knowledge, skills, and processes to promote safe living in the home, school, and community.

Performance Indicators 

 A. Emergencies 


Recognize how to respond appropriately to emergency situations. 


    Explain how to respond to emergency situations such as tell an adult and call 911

B. Safety Rules and Procedures 
5.K.B.1.  Identify Ways to be safe when outdoors. 


Identify how to cross a street safely, including Look (left, right, left), Listen, and Think.
5.K.B.2.  Identify actions to stay safe from fires.


Describe ways to prevent accidentally starting a fire.


Demonstrate skills to keep safe from fires.
5.K.B.3.   Identify ways to be safe in a car. 


List safety rules for being a good passenger, for example wear a seat belt, sit quietly, sit in  child safety seat, and always ride in the back seat.
5.K.B.4.   Tell what to know when lost (separated). 


Notify a trusted adult


Designate a location to meet.


Express personal information such as name, phone number, address, parents'/caregivers' name, school, and group.