Comprehensive Health Education in Grade 2

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs 


Maryland State Curriculum Content Standard 2:  Students will demonstrate the ability to use drug knowledge, decision-making skills, and health enhancing strategies to address, the non-use, use, and abuse of medications, alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

Performance Indicators

A. Medicine 
 2.2.A.1   Identify practices for using medicines safely.   


Describe rules for taking medicines safely.  
B. Tobacco 
 2.2.B.1.  Identify how tobacco use harms the body.   


Discuss how tobacco use can become a habit.  


Summarize the benefits of not using tobacco.  
C. Alcohol 
 2.2.C.1.  Identify physical consequences of the use  of alcohol.   


Describe the short term effects of alcohol use on the body, for example blurred vision, lack of coordination, and slow reaction time.  
E. Drugs and the Law 
 2.2.E.1.  Identify ways to say “no” to unsafe medicine/drug use.   


Distinguish between illegal drugs and medicine.  


Demonstrate refusal skills to resist pressure to use drugs.