Comprehensive Health Education in Grade 1 

Personal and Consumer Health


Maryland State Curriculum Content Standard 3: Students will demonstrate the ability to use consumer knowledge, skills, and strategies to develop sound personal health practices involving the use of health care products, services, and community resources.

Performance Indicators 

A. Personal Health Maintenance 
 3.1.A.1.  Explain how to improve or maintain personal health. 


Describe ways to promote dental health such as brushing and flossing teeth, visiting dentist, and eating healthy foods.
B. Information, Products, and Services 
3.1.B.1.  Identify health services available in the school. 


List the people in the school that provide care, such as a school nurse, counselors, doctor, or clinic workers.


Describe how health service providers help you.
C. Pollution and Personal Health Issues 
3.1.C.1.  Identify health issues created by pollution. 
3.1.C.1.a. Explain why litter is harmful.
3.1.C.1.b. List ways to prevent littering.