Comprehensive Health Education in Grade 1

Nutrition and Fitness


Maryland State Curriculum Content Standard 6:  Students will demonstrate the ability to use nutrition and fitness knowledge, skills, and strategies to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Performance Indicators 

A. Responses to Food 
 6.1.A.1.  Demonstrate the relationship between food and the senses. 


Differentiate how the five senses affect food choices.
E. Food and Health 
 6.1.E.1.  Recognize the relationship between food and health. 
6.1.E.1.a. Define physical fitness.


Describe how food keeps the body healthy by maintaining strong bones, muscles, and teeth and preventing illness.
F. Nutrition and Physical Activity Guidelines 
 6.1.F.1.  Recognize that foods are categorized into groups. 


Recognize the My Pyramid as an outline for healthy eating. 


Explain the location of the food groups on the My Pyramid.


Demonstrate why it is important to eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day, such as Fruits and Veggies: More Matters.