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Student Foundations


Montgomery County Students Information Technology Foundation (ITF)


Daniel Ansher

Wootton Graduate, AOIT


Oscar Revolorio

Northwest/Edison High School, Network Operations


Alex Stepanov

Wootton High School Graduate, AOIT

Nabil Sharif

2013 graduate; completed 1 year ITF Network Operations

I took the exam and I passed it. The certification just came in the mail yesterday night. Thank you so much for having provided me this great opportunity. I am truly grateful to the Foundation...These IT exam certifications really give people a leverage in the IT industry.

Joseph Varkey

2012 graduate; completed 1 year ITF Network Operations

They successfully transferred all 9 credits to my (Montgomery College) transcript. Now, I am taking some advanced networking courses. Those 9 credits are really worth it since it saved me one semester at MC.

Jeffrey Moberly

2011 graduate; completed 2 years ITF Network Operations

Because of my Network Operations certifications, I've basically completed one semester of college while still in high school. This will save me over $5000! According to ASM, the testing center administering the CompTIA certifications, the average salary for someone with all my certifications is about $89,000!!

Nicholas John

2011 graduate; completed 2 years ITF Network Operations

My experiences in the NetOps program served as a technical computer skill base for me. The skill base I gained was essential in bolstering my resume, and I believe without it opportunities would be a lot harder. . . Winning the IT Merit Award was very meaningful to me, as I have never won a monetary award, and I feel honored to have won it.

Montgomery County Students Construction Trades Foundation (CTF)


Gil Cohen

Edison High School Graduate

Camila Munoz

2010 graduate; completed 2 years CTF Carpentry Program

I never enjoyed my home school courses. My experience at Thomas Edison and with the Construction Trades Foundation was incredibly life changing; I was able to shape my goals and dreams and become successful in my own way. The life after High School is not an easy place, but with the right guidance and pathway, which you can gain at Thomas Edison and with the CTF, you will be very grateful of what they have provided you.

Grace Mlingi

2011 graduate; completed 1 ½ years CTF Program

Last year I began my construction education with my architecture class at Blake HS, followed by a Foundations of Building Technology class and then a Carpentry class, both at Thomas Edison HS of Technology. I will now attend Montgomery College, where I will use my CTF Scholarship for Construction Management. I would recommend any student to enroll in this CTF construction program…especially girls!

Montgomery Count Students Automotive Trades Foundation (ATF)


Harold Barber

Edison High School Graduate

Logan Brooks

Damascus High School Graduate

Harley Langenstein

Junior; completed 1 year ATF Automotive Technology

I love this auto technology program, and will continue for a second year. The teachers are very supportive and knowledgeable. If you have any interest in auto technology... TRY IT will help you decide if an auto career is right for you.

Jonathan Jean-Baptiste

2011 graduate; completed 2 years ATF Automotive Technology program

You need no prior auto knowledge, there is both classroom and hands-on learning and you will make friends and valuable connections. I had no real career direction before enrolling in the ATF auto tech classes at Edison. Now, immediately upon graduating, I have three great auto tech career choices. Auto tech education will jump-start your future!