Roles and Responsibilities of AEI Teachers

The Accelerated and Enriched Instruction Support Teacher

The Accelerated and Enriched Instruction Support Teacher (AEIST) has a variety of responsibilities, ranging from providing school based accelerated and enriched instructional leadership to supporting the academic success of individual students. This new position is intended to address student and staff needs as middle schools continue to focus on increasing access to rigorous curriculum. 


The goals of the Accelerated and Enriched Instruction Support Teacher (AEIST) position are to:

  • Increase student participation, particularly African American and Hispanic student  participation, in rigorous academic courses in middle school.
  • Provide instructional, professional, and parental support for improvement of student  achievement in rigorous academic courses.


  1. In collaboration with school leadership, the AEIST will develop a year-long written plan with measurable benchmarks to meet the goals of the position. The focus, benchmarks, and action steps of this plan will be approved by the principal and an administrator will monitor evidence of attainment. Evidence of attainment must include data goals approved by the community superintendent.
  2. The AEIST will participate in the school leadership team.
  3. The AEIST will monitor and report, on a quarterly basis, student access and progress in rigorous academic courses. Reports must be disaggregated by sub-group.
  4. The AEIST will advocate for student access to rigorous academic courses. This will include:
    1. Analysis of student course placement with performance and achievement data to ensure that all students receive appropriate, challenging instruction.
    2. Analysis of performance data in academically rigorous courses to identify students in need of support.
  5. The AEIST will develop and share a process for nurturing/mentoring underachieving and/or traditionally underserved students engaged in accelerated courses.
  6. The AEIST will communicate with parents, particularly parents of students underrepresented in academically rigorous courses, about:
    1. Program offerings and opportunities for acceleration, enrichment, and support
    2. Opportunities for all students to apply critical thinking skills and access rigorous instruction
    3. Student placement in academically rigorous courses
  7. The AEIST will attend professional development meetings held by the Office of School Performance (OSP) and Division of Accelerated and Enriched Instruction (AEI) and disseminate information to appropriate staff. After each meeting the AEIST will meet with an assigned administrator to review the information and determine next steps.
  8. The AEIST will collaborate with the Staff Development Teacher and Interdisciplinary Resource Teachers (IRT) to:
    1. Provide professional development that supports rigorous instruction and differentiation to improve student achievement.
    2. Model best practices in rigorous instruction and differentiation.
    3. Provide peer coaching and collaboration for teachers.

Gifted and Talented Teacher – Title I Schools

Position Description

This .5 position focuses on providing challenging instruction and support early and consistently to students who demonstrate the potential for above grade level performance. The priority focus for this position will be on instruction for primary students in Grades K-2 and consultative services for staff in Grades 3-5.

Title I GT teachers will: 

  • provide acceleration/enrichment through challenging content instruction to students with potential or strengths in specific content areas;
  • provide instructional support to enable other classroom teachers to accelerate students through use of appropriate curriculum components and differentiation strategies;
  • implement an early identification process to find students’ emerging strengths in a variety of academic and talent areas; and
  • develop an innovative parent outreach and information plan to acquaint parents with programming opportunities.

Background and experience should consist of: 

  • two years outstanding classroom teaching experience that may include experience in working with diverse gifted and talented students at both the primary and/or upper elementary levels
  • interest or experience in designing effective parent outreach and student support projects. Familiarity using data to plan instruction
  • experience with some of the following program models: Junior Great Books, William and Mary Reading/Language Arts Program, Program of Assessment, Diagnosis, and Instruction (PADI), Hands-on Equations, a talent development model, Destination Imagination (formerly Odyssey of the Mind), William and Mary Problem-based Learning Science Program or Math Olympiad

Roles and Responsibilities are to: 

  • provide direct services to students needing more challenging instruction and support;
  • analyze student data to identify emerging strengths and programming recommendations;
  • collaborate with staff development teacher to model instructional strategies and curriculum components with staff;
  • implement an early identification through instruction model to find and program for student potential in academic, leadership, and talent areas;
  • develop a continuum of services within each school to support the achievement of gifted and talented students;
  • provide on-going monitoring of student performance within this continuum of services; and
  • develop a comprehensive parent communication program about services for gifted and talented students and student/parent support in applying for academic and extracurricular opportunities.