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Donate by Text

Give Backpacks Text

Simple Steps to Donate by Text

  1. Text ‘Backpack’ to 301-329-2238
  2. A reply will ask, “How much would you like to give?”
  3. Enter your donation amount (minimum of * $10 is required)
  4. Respond to the reply, “Would you like this gift to be recurring? Enter yes or no”
  5. Enter your credit/debit card and billing information, and you’re done!

* Standard text-messaging rates will apply. Additional processing fees will be applied from your final donation amount.

For a $10 donation:
(10x3.3% = .33) + .30= $.63
$10 - $.63 = 9.37 is the amount collected

A gift of $10.75 sent by text should cover the increase in the percentage deducted. It would clear $10.095 as the gift collected.

For any questions, please call the Partnerships Unit at 240-740-5599.