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Student, Family and School Services

Parent Community Coordinators

DSFSS staff


Parent Community Coordinators (PCC) help build and strengthen positive relationships with families and work collaboratively with school leaders, staff, and community organizations to develop and implement family engagement activities. They support families by guiding them through the school system, helping to build their ability to advocate for their student’s academic success, especially those who may be facing language, cultural or economic barriers.  The PCCs are a diverse team of professionals located in school communities most highly impacted by poverty.

How To Contact Us

We recognize the importance of supporting your child and can help you with questions or concerns that may arise during the school year.

A PCC can be contacted by calling their assigned school or by calling Student, Family and School Services at 240-740-4620.

2024-2025 Parent Community Coordinator Assignments (by school)

2024-2025 Parent Community Coordinator Assignments (by staff)

You can request support from a PCC by completing the MCPS Family Outreach Support Form

We can provide support in the languages listed below. Call to leave a message and your call will be returned within the week.

Amharic | አማርኛ 240-740-4609 Mrs. Abba Gebrehiwot
French | Français 240-740-4616 Ms. Saida Hentati
Chinese | 中文
240-740-4611 Mrs. Lily Shen
Mrs. Annie Tsai
French | Français 240-740-4616 Ms. Saida Hentati
Korean | 한국어 240-506-2823
Mrs. YoungMee Choi
Ms. Molly Kim
Portuguese | Português 240-740-4615 Mrs. Anabela Almeida
Spanish | Español 240-740-4614 Mrs. Elia Haza
Vietnamese | tiếng Việt 240-740-4612 Ms. Lan Nguyen

Examples Of How We Help

Student and Family

  • Serve as a home-school liaison creating two-way communication to help families get the information, tools, and knowledge they need to engage in and support their student's academic and social success.
  • Connect families to school and community resources that provide help with basic needs and vital services.
  • Support families in meetings to address academic, social-emotional, health and attendance concerns.
  • Support families at parent-teacher conferences, back-to-school nights, and other school-wide activities.
  • Help families understand MCPS educational programs, curriculum, services, policies and procedures.
  • Provide a positive and welcoming orientation for families of newcomer students.
  • Facilitate and promote MCPS Parent Academy classes.
  • Provide families with strategies and skills to support student learning at home and in the community.


  • Promote a welcoming school environment that values families of all backgrounds as full partners in the education of their students.
  • Assist school efforts to provide informal interpretation and language support for school meetings, workshops and other family engagement events.
  • Work with school staff to plan and facilitate parent outreach activities to encourage family and community involvement.
  • Serve on school committees focused on school improvement, family engagement, and school climate.
  • Facilitate learning opportunities for school staff related to effective family engagement, with attention to understanding the language and cultural barriers of the families they serve.
  • Collaborate with other school-based groups that provide family and student support to identify the academic and social needs of students whose families are experiencing language, cultural, and economic barriers.
  • Support MCPS extended summer learning opportunities and enrichment programs.
  • Work with parent organizations to coordinate resources and optimize opportunities for families to participate in school decisions.


  • Identify and connect families to community resources that support student learning inside and outside the classroom.
  • Establish opportunities for community agencies to engage families in programs or activities that prepare students for school and expand student learning opportunities.
  • Invite community partners to share resources with the school or provide services at school-wide events.