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Board of EducationMeetings → March 13, 2012

Board of Education Meeting March 13, 2012

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Full Agenda (PDF)

Acknowledgement of a Quorum
Approval of the Agenda
Public Comments
Items of Legislation

The Board discussed legislation that is currently before the Maryland General Assembly that could have an impact on MCPS. Among the legislation under consideration are bills that would strengthen Maintenance of Effort (MOE), the state provision that requires counties to fund education at the same per-student level from year-to-year.
The Montgomery County Council has not met MOE for three years, requiring the district to make more than $400 million in budget reductions. For this fiscal year, the County Council did not seek a waiver from MOE, resulting in a “rebasing” of the MOE level that is $1,500 lower per student than it was in FY 2009. The Board supports the current legislation because it makes MOE the funding floor for counties and includes a mandatory, but flexible, waiver process for those that cannot meet MOE. Read the legislative update

Board/Superintendent Comments
Strategic Priorities: Interventions

The Board had a broad-ranging discussion about interventions and supports that are offered to Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) students and the need for interventions to be timely and comprehensive. National research suggests that students who experience difficulty early in school will continue to struggle throughout their educational careers if they do not receive assistance. Without adequate intervention, many of these children may eventually drop out of school. Superintendent Joshua P. Starr has made improving interventions and supports a strategic area of focus for the coming year. Read the report to the Board.

Board of Education Policies
The Board took action on the following items:
- Tentatively approved Policy CND, School-Related Fund-Raising.  Policy CND, School-Related Fund-Raising, was identified for updating. The policy provides a framework for school-related fund-raising activities in or on behalf of Montgomery County Public Schools that safeguards instructional time, maximizes the safety of students, supports a common school experience for all students, and includes appropriate accountability provisions.  It will be sent out for public comment and approved at a later time. 
-  Rescinded policies EDC, Furniture and Equipment and EFA, Bank Accounts for Cafeteria Funds, which are covered in other existing policies and regulations.
Candlewood Elementary School Modernization Project
- Approved preliminary plans for the modernization project at Candlewood Elementary School
Consent Items
Human Resource Appointments
Monthly Financial Report
Board of Education Items
Items of Information